Mobile Technology Articles – Obtaining the Experience to produce Them Count

Lately, I was contacted by someone relating to an old report I wrote in 2007 on Speech Recognition plus the future of mobile technology. Significantly of what I wrote about then, is often a reality now, and a few is still to come. Does that imply I have a crystal ball here? No, but concerning my write-up on voice recognition which it was a 2-hour project, as I was just making use of my memory and personal experiences to put with each other that write-up. You see, I’m NOT involved in that research, but have written really a bit on the subject, concepts, concepts, solutions for programming the software program and overcoming challenges.

If you want to create articles for private tech, mobile technology and if you’d like these articles to be worth their salt, then you definitely must immerse oneself within the subject, okay so let me clarify what I imply. Over the last 15 years, I’ve followed the technology and frequently study Speech Technology Magazine to stay up on items, and talked with people at trade show booths at Comdex, CES, as well as other shows. Since I study 75 paper magazines monthly and take 100s of on the internet e-mail newsletters per week, speech recognition technology typically pops up on my radar screen – across a spectrum of industry sub-sectors.

Writing personal tech articles is challenging and for those who make a mistake, it will be unforgivable in the blogosphere. So, you need to be up on issues, and study, and fact check too. Yes, I’d surely like to create some more articles on this topic and bring extra crucial points of contentions for the public online, thus, they’re going to be study by these within the technology sector. And for those who focus on such things you will find a sturdy following.

For instance, my articles do get around – many are syndicated and/or reproduced elsewhere on average 17 instances each and every, thus, I am as much as an estimated 150 million report views at present. Indeed, it also pays to have contacts within the market to obtain opinions and quotes, and having the ability to dig up my former contacts and acquaintances with close good friends involved inside the study and talk about with them free-market actual world applications is paramount.

So, in the event you wish to become a individual tech writer, and realize there’s a lot of competition on the market, then you need to create a following, and create regarding the hottest new innovations. then you definitely should entirely immerse your self in the technology, buzz-words, and read and study all the things you may obtain. Then you are well in your way. Please take into account all this.