Anti-Aging Clay Mask

Are you conscious about your skin? Do you feel unconfident because of your skin problems? You must not worry since there is an anti-aging clay mask that can help you to maintain a fair, smooth and youthful looking skin. Anti-aging clay mask is one of the best ways to keep you confident about your skin.

Anti-aging clay mask is perfect for treating oily and dry skin as well as other skin problems. The tightening action of anti-aging clay mask helps to remove impurities out of your pores. It can deeply clean your skin to attain a glow and fairer complexion. Clay masks are beneficial to draw out pollutants and nicotine, nourishing, re-hydrating and moisturizing your skin. However, you must also know which type of anti-aging clay mask is the best for your skin type. To help you to decide, the following are the different anti-aging clay mask that you can avail in the market.

Green Clay Mask

This anti-aging clay mask comes with excellent detoxifying qualities. It also energizes your skin. A soft Green Clay mask extracts toxins on your skin which is perfect for blackhead, pimple, and acne-prone skin. It opens the pores of your skin and removes build-up, toxins, and grime. It is highly recommended for normal to oily skin types and those who with distended pores.  It has a powerful ingredient of acid pH level of 5.4 that will provide you with healthy and glowing skin. Soft anti-aging green clay mask contains montmorillonite, Muscovite, albite, Kaolinite, quartz, and microcline which are naturally extracted from Earth.

White Clay Mask

An organic white clay mask helps to soothe and calms the redness on your skin. It is soothing, cooling and calming which is ideal for an irritated, dull and sensitive skin. It is natural and contains pH of 5 and contains mica and trace of Quartz, Kaolinite, and other natural components of the earth. The white clay mask is gentle and non-irritating to provide you with a calm and cool skin. It is excellent when it comes to soothing, hydrating and taking away redness on the skin.

Pink Clay Mask

This clay mask comes with high anti-aging skin care and renewing properties for healthy skin. It is perfect for mature skin because it has moisturizing, toning and revitalizing agents. It contains pH of 7.5 and extracts toxins from acne, blackhead, and pimple prone skin. It can be applied gently on sensitive skin. The anti-aging pink clay mask rehydrates, tones, firms and softens your skin. It is beneficial for all skin types. It is a natural clay mask or your face, shoulders, and neck. It contains mica, Kaolinite, red iron oxide, and a trace of Quartz extracted from the earth.

With these anti-aging clay masks, you can moisturize and detoxify your skin at the same time. Thus, the clay has the natural ability to absorb 100x its body weight. Anti-aging clay mask draws out toxins from your skin and improves your blood circulation. It renews your skin leaving you …

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